IoT-based Housing Welfare Service

Life Safety Care Solution
for the Aged weak living alone

Wireless biometrics measurement / IR-UWB Radar
Integrated Control System / Intelligent Platform

The purpose of developing the service

  • The number of safety
    accidents and the
    criminal injury incidence
    rate of the elderly who live
    alone has been increased
  • Falling accident rate of
    the elderly who live
    alone has been
  • The number of senior
    citizen who needs the
    professional care of a
    lifestyle manager has
    been increased

The development and the introduction of the IoT and ICT technology
is essential to monitor and check the safety of the elderly
who live alone more efficiently


The elderly housing welfare care service to prevent dying alone is a noncontacting service solution with wireless radar sensor to let a manager
monitor a one person household 24hours checking biometrics such as the location, movement and breathing rate of the elderly

Used technology
Used technology table
UWB Radar Sensor - Precise biometrics collecting by Ultra-wideband frequency
- Low-power, miniaturization, high resolution
AI Technology - The analysis of each individual's pattern by learning based on the observed data
Messaging Service - Sends a message to a manager when it discovers symptom

About the Life safety monitoring service

Situation recognition and notification
  • - 24 hours monitoring by a care manager
  • - Sending messages about the condition and the situation
  • - Sending messages when discovering symptoms
  • - Providing information about the follow-up process
  • - Providing information about the competent
    authorities and officials
System integrated control by managers
  • - Integrated management and control by central managers
  • - Integrated monitoring by local government officials
  • - Monitoring by social workers
  • - Monitoring by care managers
Network communication
  • LTE, LoRa, WiFi based data network communication
Intelligent central server
  • - Collecting/saving the observed biometrics data
  • - Analyzing and learning the data
  • - Analyzing/Classifying/Inferring the pattern of the data
A Sensor inside the house of the elderly
  • Detecting daily life by IR-UWB Radar Sensor
  • - Check if the person is in or out
  • - Check the location and the activity level
  • - Check falling symptom in the bathroom
  • - Check a heart/breathing rate while sleeping

IR-UWB Radar Sensor

A noncontacting-insensible biometrics measuring sensor only for IoT to monitor life safety.

  • Interface
  • MCU
  • Transmitter & Receiver
  • High Time Resolution

    4mm resolution of movement detection
  • Low Power Transmission

    UWB radiation power (1m) ≈ Wi-Fi radiation power (40m)
  • Robustness to Disturbance

    Robust against the environment (Mist, Rain, Dust)
  • Obstacle Penetration

    Penetrate obstacles
  • Presence Detection
  • Respiration & Heart Rate Detection
  • Intrusion Detection


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